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Free Weight Series

Every piece of Nortus free weight series allows users to experience an effective workout , Quickly and efficiently ...

Best Commercial Free Weight Benches Series:

No work out is complete without using a set of best free weights. Choose from our strength series to get the ergonomics deigns which gives you extra comfort. Exclusive features will show a draw for aspirant fitness enthusiasts and experienced lifters equally.

Nortus fitness offer you the highly customized free weights made from the quality materials to make sure stability and long life. These free weights can stand with the purposes of heavy usage. Our weights series contain benches, workout racks, weight plates and others. Our free weights are available for serious body building and multi-gym for sale.

Nortus Fitness Commercial Free Weight Series

With up-to-date design and effective engineering, Nortus fitness commercial free weight series merge beauty with strength. From adaptable benches to a twofold action machine, every part is designed to provide the most favorable user performance and terrific results. Features like easy equipment amendment, the choices to do multiple exercises on one machine and long-lasting framework are definitely to appeal new visitors and keep existing customers return for more.

We have been providing an extensive range of equipments that are close and far ordered in gymnasium and fitness centers. Our infrastructural facility and rich engineering experience encourage us to produce high-quality equipments that are made under strict superiority control system to make sure flawless cardio fitness equipments to our customers.

A productive training option every gym requires. Nortus fitness series look good and are designed to use comfortably. See and read about all the cardio equipments we offer and select as per your requirements.