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Tips To Choose The Best Equipment For Your Gym Setup

Are you thinking of opening your own gym, but do not know where to start? You have come to the right place! At Nortus fitness, we are specialists in gym equipment and manufacture all kinds of fitness equipment ranging from Cardio, Strength and Steam & Sauna.
Being a Commercial gym equipment brand, we can tell you that the most important step to start a gym (after looking for a place to establish it) is to research the gym equipment: prices, guarantees, reliability and ease of use, among other factors.
It is quite common for owners to look for low prices and not devote enough time to find quality equipment. We know that, being an entrepreneur, you want to maximize your investment and make a good impression, that's why we have a basic rule: your team must offer you the best cost/benefit, always thinking about the long term.

There are many disadvantages of of Cheap Equipment:

  • Cheap equipment are not always the best.
  • Pre-owned equipment is not necessarily bad if you know how to choose a premium brand.
  • The new premium equipment must be accompanied by qualified advice for its use and installation.
Make sure you open a gym with high quality fitness equipment. For your members, it is a declaration of seriousness and professionalism, a way to show them that you take your business seriously and that your new gym is a special place to train. There are 4 decisive factors to choose fitness equipment: 

1. Gym equipment: prices vs quality vs. quantity.

Ask for quotes based on the type and number of machines you need, without forgetting the quality. We recommend including at least four types of equipment:
  • Cardio
  • Free weights
  • Crossover cable 
  • Weight devices

2. Durability

A business must be as productive as its appliances. If they break down constantly or are in poor condition, it will be difficult to complete exercise routines and your users may be discouraged. 

3. Who are your members?

We mentioned in our article 7 questions you should ask yourself before buying gym equipment. No matter what stage you are in, your business should revolve around your customers and the service you offer.

4. Maintenance and repairs.

Your machines have a life cycle so we recommend thinking in the future: will you hire an independent technician or will you look for a distributor that offers maintenance and repair? 
The equipment you choose to open your gym is very important. The cost, quality and quantity will probably be at the top of your list, but do not forget that other factors such as delivery, installation and maintenance after making your purchase are also useful.
Following the latest trends in the industry, Nortus Fitness, as Treadmill Manufacture in India, will give you a tailor-made solution with which to differentiate your center from the competition, build loyalty to your partners and increase your number of registrations. We advise you from the beginning of the project to design and assemble a gym that suits your needs and the space available in the installation. With our help, you will achieve the optimal training experience for your users.