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How to Operate the Commercial Elliptical Machine?

Those who have been on the fitness niche must be aware of elliptical trainer machines. These are stationary exercise equipment used for multiple workouts including walking, stair climbing, running, and even sprint based exercises. What makes these machines highly sought after is their ability to help you burn high amounts of calories with help of low-impact cardio workouts. However, as simple as it may seem, handling an exercise machine for the first time can be daunting. This is especially true when you are purchasing the best commercial elliptical machine for the first time. No matter how flexible or fit you are, a lack of proper usage can damage the machine. At worse, it can injure you and as you understand, depending on the severity of the injury, you might need to stay away from the gym for longer periods. This would certainly affect your fitness goals. So, it is better that you follow this post to understand the basics of how to use these elliptical machines.

Maintaining Balance Is the Key to Avoid Injury

Safety comes first. So whenever you are about to step into the machine, be careful of the paddles, as they might start moving, which might lead you to lose balance. In the world of workouts, balance is everything. Even the slightest malfunction might lead to potential injury. You must avoid such a scenario at all costs. Therefore make sure that you hold the handlebars before stepping into the machine. And always remember to face the monitor. Not paying attention to these minute details can sometimes prove fatal for your performance. Ultimately, you want to boost your energy and build stamina for your own good. Slightest of mistakes can ruin your fun in the gym.

Take It Slow And Turn It On!

Depending on the technology used in the best commercial elliptical machine(s), you may need to follow different procedures for turning the machine on. In some machines, all you need to do is take some steps forward to turn on its power. These are most common for automatic machines. In other cases, you might need to turn on the machine manually, for which there must be a button somewhere around the display screen.

The Right Way to Workout

Make sure that your arms are swinging along with the handles in the machine. There are certain principles you should follow for a more effective workout. First of all, when your right foot goes down and straightens your leg, ensure that your left-hand pulls the handle towards your body. Follow the exact rule for alternate sides.

Loosen Up Your Knees

No matter how comfortable you get on the elliptical machine, you must follow the right exercise procedure. The most common mistake people commit while using these GYM equipment is that they lock their knees whenever their leg straightens. Stop doing this. Keep your knees slightly bent during each stroke. Not following this might lead to hamstring-related injuries.